Trusting Hearts – S. Donahue




Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: January 30, 2014



“Whoever said to follow you heart needs to have their head examined.” – Rachel Rossini

Rachel Rossini’s heart has been trampled and crushed more times than she’d like to count. She wants to divorce her cheating husband Vinnie, but he has other ideas in mind and doesn’t want to let her go. Staying with him would be the biggest mistake of her life, not only for herself but for their twin boys as well. Every time she tries to break free, he always lures her back into his madness.

Rachel seeks help from divorce attorney, Carson Licciano, who happens to be her ex-boyfriend and Vinnie’s best friend. He is also engaged to her sister Gia’s best friend, Maria. He promises to help her regardless of the situation. Could there possibly be something left from the past that may resurface?

Meanwhile, Dr. Colin Hill hasn’t been able to get Rachel out of his head since he last saw her in the emergency room. After contacting her for a date, he learns about what Vinnie has put her through. They develop a friendship via text messaging. When Colin starts to grow feelings for Rachel, he isn’t sure if he should pursue her or forget about her while she deals with her heavy issues.

Can Rachel find happiness again? Will she finally cross the boundaries of her dangerous love/hate marriage and move forward? Can she look into her heart and trust another man? Will she ever learn to trust her heart again? Whatever Rachel decides, don’t expect Vinnie to go down without a fight.




Author Bio

S. Donahue is a Philadelphia-based author who penned her first romance novel Acquiring Hearts in 2013 on an independent basis. She followed up with Trusting Hearts, and has many more books up her sleeve. Trusting Hearts is the second book in her series titled The Heart Series. She is currently working on the third installment in the series, Judging Hearts. Donahue lives in the City of Brotherly Love with her husband and their son.



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