Trials of Hallion, Book 1: Two of Swords – Maria Greene

Trials Cover

Genre: Fantasy (epic fantasy)

Release Date: 1/15/14


Through a dimensional rift, stuck inside a tarot card spread, and trying to solve the mystery why her aunt stole something that could spell the end of an entire continent, modern New Yorker Kate McKnight has to face the fact that she has landed in a different world. Totally unprepared, she is plunged into a war where evil is moving toward resounding victory. As she is forced to develop skills she never knew she had, she struggles to reconcile what is real in her life and what is a dream, all her beliefs put to the test.

Jamie Kirkland attempts to right the wrongs of his father who perpetrated the rift, only to be told he is facing a useless death. Even if his efforts will not make a difference to saving Hallion, he has to support Kate in her struggle to discover the clues of their mission, a race against time that will take them to the heart of evil. They have to recover the six items that will give them the power to restore Hallion, but they have to face all of their own inner weaknesses to succeed, and a dark force that permeates everything.


Author Bio 

I’m a veteran writer of twenty-three historical romances, but decided I wanted to forge a road into a new genre, Fantasy. TRIALS OF HALLION is my first effort, and I loved writing about a heroine who is plunged into something so completely different from her regular, pretty boring, life. This is my first book in epublishing, and I’m excited about it. TRIALS OF HALLION, BOOK 1, TWO OF SWORDS is available in the Kindle store. I’m also an artist, but writing is in my blood and I have stuck with that art form for many years. I live in Florida and I’m now at work on book number two in the series, CRYSTAL WORLD.



“Yes, it’s bloody true, so get used to it. There was some energy failure, a sort of rift when Father died, and I’ve lived with part of Hallion in my backyard ever since. It’s something that can’t be contained. If we don’t fix this, the world will ultimately perish, probably taking a chunk of the Earth with it.”


Excerpt 2

It was the lion’s turn to look surprised.  “You can hear me?”  At Kate’s jerky nod, his mouth made a comical “Oh” and the folds of skin on his brow deepened as his eyes went wide.  “Everything?”

“You were yelling ‘Death from above!’ when you attacked us, right?  But obviously that didn’t happen.”


Jamie, the current laird of the McAndrew clan had slept the best sleep of the century–that after staying up for three solid nights in a row, cutting down Eavesdroppers.


“I could eat him, if you wish it?” growled the lion to Kate.  No one else responded, not even when Kate gave a burst of laughter.


Kate recognized the symbols of the Tarot. This was just too much. They were now at the mercy of Tarot cards?


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