STOLEN SPIRIT (PSI Sentinels: Book One / Guardians of the Psychic Realm) & ELSIE’S SECRET (A PSI Sentinels Novella: Guardians of the Psychic Realm) – Pam Moran


Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Release Date: 12/13/2013


She left him once to protect her heart. Can she leave him again to save his life?

Hearing his dead ex-girlfriend’s voice in an empty room is enough to make a man question his sanity. Worse is when that ex insists she shouldn’t have died. Broken cop Jake Carrigan has no interest in delving into a past full of heartache and regrets. But he can’t deny she still matters, even if she’s simply a voice in his head.

Hannah Dixon is having a hard time believing she’s dead. How can she be when she feels so much inside? She can see Jake, can talk to him, but she can’t touch him. And right now, touching Jake is all she wants.

Jake’s probe into Hannah’s death stirs up a sinister psychic link, something dark that will stop at nothing to keep its secrets. To protect her own heart, Hannah left Jake once. Can she leave him again to protect his life?

Author Bio

Whether painting, out on a photo shoot or writing, Pam has always had a bend toward the creative side of life. Her favorite is when she can combine any of those with travel. Places get into her blood and she loves to explore the possibilities, always with characters and a story in mind.

An astrologer for most of her adult life, Pam has been known to see auras & the occasional ghost. Considering she lives in a haunted house in the mountains of southern California, this keeps life interesting.


Already tight muscles at the back of his neck clenched. He took a wary glance around the empty room.

Shit. Why the hell was he already hearing Hannah’s voice?

He hadn’t tasted the booze. Not yet. Not a drink in months. On the table in front of him, only a single shot low, sat the bottle of whiskey.

Jake pushed away from the table, the legs of his chair scrapping over the scarred, hard wood floor. He stood and shoved both hands through his hair. Hair desperately in need of a haircut.

Close to four months since he’d had a drink.

New Year’s Day resolutions and all that crap. Promises to his worried sister, promises to himself.

A promise he was about to break.

Over six months since he’d discovered Hannah had died. Alone. Without him. He hadn’t even known she was sick.

She didn’t tell me, didn’t let me know.

With both hands splayed at his waist, he glared at the shot glass.

She could have reached him, if she’d wanted. If she’d bothered to try.

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 ELSIE’S SECRET (A PSI Sentinels Novella: Guardians of the Psychic Realm)

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Release Date: November 14, 2013


His secrets tore them apart. Hers might get them killed.

A PSI agent, Sebastian Alexander has secrets that once came between him and the woman he still loves. Finding her prowling around where she doesn’t belong turns his simple reconnaissance into a rescue mission threatening to blow everything apart. Is he willing to risk his secrets to save her life?

Elsie Quartermaine has one goal. Save her nephew from a sadistic kidnapper. Sebastian is the one man who can help her. But divulging her secret puts more than her life in jeopardy. Can she trust Sebastian with her nephew’s life? Her own? What about her heart?

As dawn creeps over the horizon, can they find enough trust in each other to stay alive?



A MUSCLED ARM SNAKED around Elsie Quartermaine’s waist, yanking her back against a solid male chest. She gasped and he clamped his other hand over her mouth. Gloved fingers dug into her cheek.
Adrenaline poured through her veins, pounded in her head. She twisted her body, fisted her hands and beat on the forearm tightening around her like a vise.

“What the hell are you doing here?” The man’s harsh voice rasped in her ear. He lifted her off her feet, pressed her head tight to his chest, making it hard for her to fight.

Held this close to him, the exotic, woodsy scent of the man filled her. The deep timbre of his voice registered. Heat that had nothing to do with the humid warmth of a Southern Carolina night surged through the entire length of her body.


Cursing her traitorous response, she stopped her struggle.

His movements slow, he released her mouth with a light caress across her bottom lip. Liquid flames ignited low in her belly. He turned her towards him and released her. In the near pitch blackness she could barely see him, but her nerves were on fire, a blaze hotter than the brief contact warranted.
Dammit. She didn’t want to be able to feel Sebastian Alexander, not this way.

Not now. Not ever again.

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