Seventy Three – Rebecca Symmons

Seventy ThreeGenre: Erotic Fiction (D/S)

Release Date: January 21st 2014

 Author Bio

At night Rebecca Symmons, 44, is a freelance writer of erotic fiction. By day she can be found in the shop of her south London picture framing business. After studying art history at university she moved abroad with her husband, living in the south of Spain until 2009. Acting on the slogan ‘everyone has a novel inside them’ she finally put finger to keyboard in 2013. Following the often quoted advice ‘write what you know about and are interested in’ she produced Seventy Three, the first book telling the story of Oakham, a discreet London society.


Located in central London, England, the offices of the Oakham Group provide an outlet for submissive women, both single and married. With membership through word of mouth and recommendation only, the group are able to safeguard their own, and the members privacy. With names and locations altered, and for the first time, the group have approved one of its ladies to tell her story…

Catherine Adams is fairly typical of the women who apply to join the group. Happily married to Richard for eight years the couple enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without putting themselves in the ‘wealthy’ bracket. Together with her friend Helen, Catherine owns and runs a small art gallery in the city centre. At 42 years of age and with a close knit circle of friends and caring family Catherine would be the envy of many who were unaware of her secret – her desire to be sexually submissive.

Supressing her urges for many years seemed to be the sensible option. With husband Richard aware of her interest in such matters, the couple had dabbled with some light bedroom bondage, and whilst good fun it didn’t go far enough to satisfy her desire to take things much further.

On a studio visit, Catherine becomes aware of the artists submissive nature and her involvement with the Oakham group. The excitement of finding somebody actually doing what she had only dreamed about provided an opportunity not to be missed.

Facing the possible repercussions of admitting the true depth of her feelings to Richard proved to be a risk worth taking. With his active support the couple set out to fulfil her dreams, searching for that elusive goal.

Accepted by the group, Catherine is sent to Colonel Mason for training. Being the middle aged, middle class product of a conservative upbringing conflicts begin to emerge. Facing the demeaning use of her body for sexual acts and punishment proves to be more demanding than expected, causing Catherine to question her previously held moral values and beliefs. Not wishing to keep her activities concealed from her close friends, Catherine begins to wonder whether they too have needs similar to her own.

When in service at the Boardroom, a London club owned by Oakham, Catherine is recognised by a malicious adversary from her previous life. Misuse of his power over her causes major conflicts which escalate to the point where her dream could be shattered…

 Excerpt 1

“How do you ensure that the women get what they want, or need, out of this and are not just used for the titillation of men?” Kate was again impressed with Richard’s line of questioning. He was obviously thinking of her needs and how she would benefit from this.

“Oakham’s aim is to help the ladies discover what they want from this, develop into the person they want to be, and finally, achieve their goal, whatever that may be. Some ladies come to us knowing what they want and others come to find out what it is they want. When, and if, that goal is reached we have the means to sustain her passion for the lifestyle and push her boundaries just a little further, there’s no real end.”

“I’m impressed with the value you place on the woman’s needs as well as the needs of the group, Mr. Weston. This sounds to be just what I’m looking for.”

“Catherine, freely and totally giving yourself over for the use of others is a very brave thing to do. Even admitting to having those needs is brave, but to sit here and indicate your willingness to actually do something about it is commendable. It takes courage and strength of personality, traits which we value. Strange as it may sound, our women are looked up to and admired by those who use and abuse them. The abuser has the immediate control but the ladies have the ultimate power, the ability to end it all, by saying no. If the group loses sight of their needs that is indeed what will happen.”

 Excerpt 2

“This is Marshal Ralston, darling. Marshal, this is Catherine, my wife.”

“Your wife,” the surprise showed on his face as well as in his voice, “but Weston said… a woman… who’d be available for… whatever.”

“Oh, I see, you were expecting a call girl, well you won’t be disappointed, Kate’s much better, and free. She’s a beautiful woman, you must agree.”

“Well… of course… yes, that’s obvious, but I mean, she’s your wife.”

“She is indeed and I’m so proud of the fact. Don’t you worry, she’s willing to provide whatever you may require of her, aren’t you Kate.”

“Yes Sir, of course.”

“There you are see Marshall, she’s used to being beaten and abused, and of course is available for sex in any form you like.” He couldn’t hide his lingering suspicions.

“You mean I can do anything with her and you’re OK with that?” His excitement started to show.

“Nothing that will leave permanent marks of course. That’s not acceptable. Kate, Marshall seems to be a little hesitant, why don’t you put his mind at rest?”

“You can use my body however you want to, I’m happy to be used like this.” Her voice came over low and barely audible, from the excitement, fear or shame?

 Excerpt 3

The lead pulled her forward, through the crowded room. Kate spotted Elizabeth and Robin. The audience quietened as she made her way to the clear area at the front. The murmuring soon turned into an expectant silence as they eagerly awaited the main event. The woman turned Kate to face them.

“Legs spread, hands behind your head,” then she undid the lead and whispered “good luck, and you show him.” before smiling and leaving her. The kind gesture heartened Kate. From the corner of her eye she saw him, standing, and waiting.

He stepped forward to address the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here this evening to test the suitability of this slave, to see whether she deserves to be kept in the group. She  defied me once but this time will be the last.”

Kate notes that he’s speaking of defeat, of her failing, from the very start. He’s out to finish the task, he’s not testing her he’s trying to break her, and in front of people who care for her. Her determination soars, she will not let him beat her again.


“Seventy Three.”

“Seventy Three what?”

“Seventy Three, Sir.”

She hesitated, her voice reluctant. The leather belt slashed across the front of her thighs.

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