Eternal Service – Regina Morris

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Genre : Humorous Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Sept 2013


When Agent Raymond Metcalf, vampire coven master of the Colony, teams up with a human female operative–who has no idea that vampires even exist–will his mission or his heart be compromised first? Career military woman, Alex Brennan, is being offered the promotion of a lifetime, and with it a romance that she has desperately been seeking. Does she dare accept the position as Director of the Colony, an elite group of deadly creatures of the night and risk a dangerous romance with a man who isn’t even human? Together, can they save the President?

Author Bio

Regina Morris is an Amazon bestselling author who writes humorous paranormal romances. She loves paranormal romances featuring vampires, but her  personal taste is lighthearted and humorous – not horrific and gory. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children, but has lived in many different parts of the world. She graduated high school in Germany and  attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she received a degree in Computer Science with a minor in math. Besides writing, she is an amateur portrait and sports photographer. After enjoying a career in the software engineering, she discovered that writing is in my blood, and had to put pen to paper!

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Raymond smiled at her. It was a beautiful smile, not fake or forced. You can always tell when it’s real. His black colored eyes held the smile, not just his luscious, full lips. Alex noticed his hair was a bit damp, probably due to a last minute shower on his way over. His hair was parted tonight, and a curl of bangs hung lopsided onto his forehead. It gave him a Superman appearance. She always did like Superman.

Excerpt 2

Alex knew her pulse sped up as she took in the visual strip tease in her mind. She thought back to their earlier conversation. Humans and vampires could have sex together. Sex. She swallowed hard. She hadn’t thought of having sex with a man in a long time. Her heart sped up even faster. She wondered if he could hear it. If he did, he didn’t show it. He just sat sipping his wine, looking sexy as hell.


Vampires exist among us. They can be our neighbor, best friend, our child’s teacher… They alter their aged appearance based upon the amount of blood they consume. They move to a new area, drink a lot of blood, and appear young. Slowly they limit their intake of blood and age, right in front of our unsuspecting eyes. After decades, they fake their death, move, and do it over and over again. Most live quiet lives in an effort to blend in. Some, however want power and control. The Colony is an elite group of vampires sworn to protect the President of the United States from these rogue vampires.
Sexy vampires protect the president of the United States in The Colony,  a humorous paranormal romance series by bestselling author Regina Morris.

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