Dominance & Submission: The Collection – Penelope Syn


Genre: BDSM Erotica


Four separate tales of different women’s voyages into the world of bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism. Anne Rekindles an old flame, but he requires complete trust – and submission. Jennifer struggles with her desires to be controlled, owned, and bound. How far will Sally go to learn the ropes – along with paddles, canes and other ways of inflicting pleasure – in order to seduce Brian? Michelle is a bad girl, can she learn to submit to her lover and also learn to control herself?

Author Bio

“I am a slightly crazy girl and I often get tied up in things, and I know I don’t see the world the way other people do. I’ve always been a keen observer of people and relationships, and I have seen some very interesting things, and done a few! I love to write out my fantasies, desires, and dreams, and I firmly believe that just because something is different or unusual doesn’t make it bad; all that matters are love and respect. I hope you like them too, and maybe they open a window for you to see things a little bit differently too. Stay safe!”

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