Charity’s Heart – Sofia Diana Gabel

CH Cove

Genre: Historical romantic suspense

 Release Date: April 2013


In 1888 London, Charity Llewellen, a strong-willed 19-year old is excited to marry one day, but loses that excitement when her father arranges for her to wed the nasty and deceitful Mathias Baptiste. Charity runs away from home and has an instant dislike for a man she meets, Alexander Sutton. Although Sutton is handsome, his manners are lacking, extremely lacking. With her best friend, Charity plots to get out of her impending marriage, but then becomes tied up with a 20-year old murder, a secret burial and Jack-the-Ripper. She also falls for Alexander, although he keeps pushing her away, since he has a secret of his own. When Mathias becomes enraged with Charity, she soon finds herself alone and at his mercy, but Mathias is not the merciful kind. This is Book One and the sequel is currently being written.

Author Bio

I’m a multi-genre author and have been writing for as long as I can remember, but I have probably spent the most time concentrating and working on the craft of writing for about the last 5 years or so. I am so grateful to belong to a writers critique workshop in my hometown which gives me incredible feedback.

I was born in Sydney, Australia and now live in California in the United States with my family. I have two undergraduate degrees in archaeology and environmental resource management (wildlife biology) and I’m currently enrolled in graduate school (archaeology). I love to learn!


Charity’s bedroom windowpane was chilled and wet from the cold evening air, yet she could still see her faint, almost ghost-like reflection in the glass.  With a twist of her long, tawny hair, she made an elegant chignon and secured it with an ivory hairpin.  She sighed and wiped the water from the window with her bare hand.  She’d rather be outside where the fresh air would fill her lungs and she could run free through the damp grass, but instead, she was locked inside the house like a prisoner.

Her position was to marry well and provide an heir to the Llewellyns.  It was her only task… to have children.  Now that she was nineteen, she knew her father would soon insist she marry.  He’d been hinting, so the day was nearing that he’d bring up the subject.  However, she’d never been allowed out on her own to meet potential suitors, which meant her father would find her a husband to his liking, not hers.  And his idea of a husband certainly wouldn’t be the same as hers.  She wanted a man who was strong, intelligent, kind, generous and most of all, not bogged down with following social convention.  The exact opposite of who would be chosen for her.



In love with the wrong sort of man, can Charity Llewellyn ever find happiness, and a way out of her impending marriage to the ‘right’ man?

After stumbling upon an old burial in the garden, Charity Llewellyn finds herself in danger from the crazed murderer. Can she survive long enough to marry the man she loves, or will he also be in danger?

Charity Llewellyn thought falling in love would be easy, but when she becomes entangled with a murder, Jack-the-Ripper and a betrothal to a less than honorable man, her world is turned upside-down.

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