March Author Mania

There are 62 authors being featured for the March Author Mania Blitz. Each day the posts for the authors will be released, so stay tuned. For a sneak peak of the entire schedule view below and enter the MASSIVE giveaway!

March 1

Shadonna Richards

Ruth Cardello

March 2

Marie Astor

Cali MacKay 

March 3

J.S. Scott

Robyn Peteman

March 4

Love Belvin

HK Sterling

March 5

Imogene Nix

Marie D

March 6

Nina Levine

Sofia Diana Gabel

March 7

A.L. Parks

Isabella Rae

March 8

Melissa Collins

Skye Callahan

March 9

Julie Richman

Penelope Syn

March 10

Rebecca Rohman

Maureen Mayer

March 11

Regina Morris

Deborah Nam-Krane

March 12

Amy Bol

Beverly Ovalle

March 13

Tina Gayle

Amber Nation

March 14

Eleanor Green

Cloe T. Barlow

March 15

Eden Summers

Kim Karr

March 16

Phoenix Johnson

Brandi Kennedy 

March 17

Charlene M. Martin

Felicia Tatum

March 18

Kristine Raymond

Alexandrea Weis

March 19

Christa Lynn

Maria Greene

March 20

Vivienne Keeland

Michelle Pace

March 21

Meg Collet

P.T. Marcias

March 22

Pamela Moran

S. Donahue

March 23

Morgan Parker

Helen Alexander

March 24

AL Jackson

S.C. Ellington

March 25

J.M.  Witt

S.E. Felida

March 26

Nicky Jayne

RJ Crayton

March 27

Ahren Sanders

Lori King

March 28

Rainy Kaye

Isabella Delvino

March 29

Blakely Bennett

CJ Azevedo

March 30

Jacquelyn Ayers

N.A. Alcorn

March 31

Tessa Teevan

Pepper Winters



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