Author Marketing & Promotion Services

Are you in need of AMP Services? Would you like to AMP up your following on social media sites? Could you benefit from using a provider that is solely focused on  marketing and promoting your work?

If your answer is yes, then AMP Services is the right place for you.

AMP Services specializes in working to engage your current and potential readers and fans via all social media networks, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other media outlets on behalf of the author.

AMP Services offers various packages that will ultimately build your fan base and allow your work to become more recognizable to your fans and potential readers all over the internet.

 What Makes AMP Services Different From Bloggers:

AMP Services will solely dedicate time to market and promote your work and brand every day of the week or as agreed upon. AMP Services gives a voice to individual authors. When AMP Services takes on a client, the client is the focus for a specified period of time.

AMP Services also works with other PR relation entities to spread the word about your work as well. Ultimately, AMP Services seeks to grant you maximum exposure on all channels.


AMP strives to accommodate all authors, especially those who are self published or independent. Services can be selected a la carte, and AMP Services will strive to accommodate your specific budget. To discuss pricing further please send an email to: .

You can also view the website of Author Marketing & Promotion Services to learn more about the services provided.


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