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Captive at Christmas – Danielle Taylor

Review for Danielle Taylor’s “Captive at Christmas”



From Flickr Creative Commons by Eve.Ford

Ashley’s Review

I’d easily give Captive at Christmas 5 fiery flames


Danielle Taylor delivers a riveting and tender story about Hannah Magnus, a recent dumpee trying to find solace in a remote cabin at Christmas, and Mackenzie “Mac” Dunlop, an ex-assassin who also rented the aforementioned cabin due to a mix-up. I don’t want to give you too many plot details. The story that ensues is well worth your time to read the novel! For those of you that must have a happy ending, you will not be disappointed.

I had a hard time reading the first chapter. The writing was so descriptive I was concerned I would get bogged down reading the most minute of details about the scenery. However, that was not the case at all. Chapter 2 propelled the story forward and made me happy for the details, as they allowed me to accurately picture what was happening between Hannah and Mac. By Chapter 3, I was hooked. I was commiserating with Hannah’s grief over her break-up, and I was falling in love with Mac. I read the book over a span of two days – only because I was forced to put it down to tend to work and other things. I was pleased with the whole story, although I felt the ending was a bit rushed. Most of the book focused on approximately two weeks, and the few ending chapters focused on the remaining few months of the story. If I could change anything, I would’ve wanted a bit more plot details in the last part of the story.

Overall, I thought the story was great – definitely 5 stars!

I am looking forward to Danielle’s new book, Falling for You, which is out now!

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Post by: Dr. Ashley Hampton



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