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Seven Sons – Lili Saint Germain’s Debut Novel

Lili German's Novel Seven Sons

Lili Saint Germain’s Novel Seven Sons

I would give Seven Sons four fiery flames.


Lili Saint Germain’s upcoming novel Seven Sons is set to release January 5, 2013. If you have the chance to pre-order, you definitely should! From the first line of the novel, to the end, I was on the edge of my seat. It is a fast pace erotic fiction novel with loads of energy and packs a punch. The story line follows the main character Juliette. Her father was once the head of the Gypsy Brothers motorcycle club and was violently murdered by a power crazed family within the motorcycle  club.  Juliette endures so much drama and trauma as a result of the lifestyle she was born into. Once Juliette turns 21, things really begin to heat up.  Juliette sets out on a war path to avenge the death of her father and reclaim a piece of herself that the Gypsy Brothers took. The novel is refreshing.  Don’t even second guess adding Seven Sons to your TBR list.  Lili Saint Germain’s writing style was clear, descriptive and allowed for a smooth read. Overall, Seven Sons was awesome! I cannot wait for the release of the next installment. To forewarn, there is a cliffhanger but the novel is nonetheless a great read.


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